Relapsed High Risk Myeloma – Update July 14 2013

Almost threw up 3 times in night . Took Prilosec,  20 mg Pepcid;  Kytril at 3 am, 2 tums – ate crackers and cheese. Need to tell Debbie pharmacist at St Luke’s . Today, I got 10 mg dex intravenously. 

I had the same reaction to pomilidamide (Pomalyst) back on 4 Apr 2013 when I took it just with dex. This is not going to be fun if my gut doesn’t adjust..

Then, last night I bit the inside of cheek while chewing (CANDY) and it bled. We applied pressure and ice and got it stopped within 15-20 minutes. I don’t think I lost very much blood, but the inside of my right cheek is sure sore.

Early, while there was still a little chill in the air, Jani and I decided to ride the 4-wheelers up the Mine Hill with Kemmer and Zoe.

It was a fabulous blue sky morning…and I tried not worry about bleeding from my low platelets. But, we decided riding JackRed2 wasn’t much different than riding in Bart (2006 Honda Pilot).

Jani parked her 4-wheeler and walked the dogs down to to the Taylor Canyon Road. I road JackRed2 behind them at about 8 miles per hour.

We stopped at Ivies on the way home and did some grocery shopping. The dogs are good to wait for us on the 4-wheelers without being tethered down.

We went by to visit Ron, but he wasn’t home.

Our visitors from Colorado arrived in their rental car after flying from Denver’s DIA.

Faye saying hi.

Faye, Judy Malkiewicz, and Robbyn greeting on the front porch…so good, to see them. They are both just back from teaching in Vietnam for 2 weeks.

Had a nice visit from local friends Marilyn and Mason too.

Spent the rest of the day one-with-the-sofa.

Maynard’s filly is growing so fast.