Relapsed High Risk Myeloma – Update August 3 2013

Had a ROUGH NIGHT with new symptoms – both of my knees just THROBBED IN PAIN and I had a difficult time walking. It was like the spasms I get in my calves had settled in my knees. I finally had to take a Oxy pill which helped a lot. I couldn’t get Jani with the texting, so I just yelled for her and that didn’t help either, so I just calmed myself, which is sometimes hard to do.

My mouth, tongue, and esophagus were BURNING ALL DAY – nothing seemed to help until I realized that I most probably had thrush. I took a fluconazole (anti-fungal) and almost within an hour felt better. I’ve been eating too much CANDY, and just finished a Z-Pack antiobitic for my my left front sinus…so, it is no wonder.

Watched golf all day.

Jani did the weed eating of the lawn and then mowed. This place is looking just great.