Relapsed High Risk Myeloma – Update August 24 2013

Really had a good day. We got the 4-wheelers and coolers ready or a trip up the Mine HIll at 12:02 PM . We made a bee-line for the Shay Trestle returning down the MIne Hill at 2:30 PM. It had just started to rain lightly. 

Ali and Patti rode together, while Jani rode with Zoe and I rode with Kemmer. 

I almost killed Kemmer and myself near the double tramway…I was watching 2 hunting dogs with their owners when I veered off into the right sided-barrow pit. It was a big jump and almost knocked both Kemmer and I off the 4-wheeler. I’m not proud of the maneuver. 

We continued on to the Shay Trestle road and stopped for a photo op. 

I slept in and and I felt fine. I haven’t had a nose bleed and all is well.

Continue to check my blood glucose 4 times a day and bedtime. My blood sugar has been running 223, 274, 272, 231, etc. My nova insulin needs are running between 2-4 units. It is difficult being a diabetic and I’m testing all the time.