Relapsed High Risk Myeloma – Update August 2 2013

Had my blood tested early 2 Aug 2013 at Lost Rivers Medical Center in Arco, Idaho. Surprisingly, my platelets are HOLDING at 16 (norms 140-440). The platelets had been 17 on 30 July 2013. I had my last Cycle 1 Pomalyst (pomalidomide) on 31 July 2013, so I was off all chemo today during the blood draw. Maybe the tandem intravenous carfilzomib and oral Pomalyst is helping me???

My white count isn’t too hot at 1.6 with an ANC (absolute neutrophil count which determines how you can be in public or not) at just 0.40 (norms 2-8). They like to see the ANC above 1.0 to be without a mask. I still have not had any of my post- autologous stem cell transplant immunizations like measles, mumps, etc.

My hemoglobin has been sitting between 8-9 (norms 12-16) for the last couple of weeks and was 8.3 today. The threshold they use to give me a packed red blood cell transfusion has been set at 9.0, so I needed a unit of blood today. Jani and I drove right to St. Luke’s Hospital in Twin Falls and they drew a type and cross match from my Bard Power Port and ordered my one unit of blood. Jani went shopping and I waited for the irradiates packed red blood cells. RN Janae took very good care of me along with RN Rhonda. The blood finally showed up and as in by 3 PM. I had a nadir in the Infusion Chair.

I felt quite a bit better after the blood transfusion, lots less shortness of breath. AGAIN, thanks to all the volunteer donors of blood and platelets.

History of All Blood Transfusions Since Diagnosis May 24 2011
  1. Aug 2 2013 (1 unit)
  2. Jun 26 2013 (2 units)
  3. Jun 11 2013 (1 unit)
  4. May 14 2013 (2 units)
  5. May 7 2013
  6. Apr 19 2013
  7. Apr 10 2013
  8. May 16 2012 (2 units)
  9. April 2 2012  (2 units)
  10. Sept 22 2011 (2 units)
  11. Sept 7 2011 (2 units)
History of All Platelet Transfusions Since Diagnosis May 24 2011
  1. Platelet Transfusion March 24 2012 (UCH- University of Colorado)
  2. Platelet Transfusion March 27 2012 (UCH)
  3. Platelet Transfusion March 29 2012 (UCH)
  4. Platelet Transfusion March 31 2012 (UCH)
  5. Platelet Transfusion May 20 2012 (UCH)
  6. Platelet Transfusion May 22 2012 (UCH)
  7. Platelet Transfusion May 10 2013 (St. Luke’s Hospital)
  8. Platelet Transfusion Jul 12 2013 (St. Luke’s Hospital)
  9. Platelet Transfusion Jul 23 2013 (St. Luke’s Hospital)
Jani drove me home to Mackay – I slept most of the way. We arrived in Mackay about 5:45 PM. Jani unloaded Bart and headed to Dad’s house to visit with Jeff and Dad for awhile while I was one with the sofa and went to bed at 8 PM.