Relapsed High Risk Myeloma – Update August 1 2013

Guts a’suffering today and nothing seems to help. I have absolutely no energy today and have been one with my sofa ever since I went to get the mail for my father. My resting heart rate is 84, but the minute I’m up and trying to walk slowly in the house, my pulse jumps to 110 and I have shortness of breath.

Working hard on the Ancestry stuff, making a timeline is really helping. 

My brother, Jeff, is arriving from Colorado this afternoon, but I’m just too tired to go over to Dad’s for the official greeting. Jani will take a photo.

We have at least one bomb sniffin’ dog check each new arrival out.

Going to Lost Rivers Medical Center tomorrow for a blood check. Although I don’t think I’ll need  platelets because I haven’t had any bleeding, I do think I need 1-2 units of packed irradiated red blood cells for ENERGY. I’m quite short of breath with walking right now.