Relapsed High Risk Myeloma – SPEP with M Spike, Immunoglobulins, and Free LIght Chains Update June 7 2013

My SPEP Results from blood drawn 4 June 2013. M-Spike is unchanged at 1.3 (it was also 1.3 last on 23 April 2013). However, it says in the “GAMMA” region and I’ve never had that comment before. In short, it says “essentially, unchanged since last assessment” – I’ll take that! Better unchanged than increasing!

My IgG immunoglobulin is slightly increased from the 23 April 2013 when it was 1702
IgG is at 1765 now on 4 Jun 2013. Remember, my cancer is carried on the IgG.

IgM is LOW at 10

IgA is LOW at <13

My free light chains are 3.50 and I’m not sure how that has changed yet, if it has. This is the lab value that might not show much since I am a non-secretor.