Relapsed High-Risk Myeloma – Lab Draw – May 16 2013

Faye drove me to Lost Rivers Medical Center Laboratory in Arco, Idaho. Technician Susan drew my CBC (complete blood count) and almost instantly gave me the results. My white blood cell count is low, but okay at 3.6 (norms 4.5-11); ANC is low, but okay at 1.89 (norms 1.9-8.8); hemoglobin low, but great for me at 10.1 (norms 12-16); and platelets NOT so good at 18 (norms 140-440).

I contacted St. Luke’s Hospital, Twin Falls triage RN Sandy this morning to check on my appointment there tomorrow 17 May 2013. Hold the ASA (aspirin) 81 mg.

Yippee, I won’t have to go to Twin Falls tomorrow unless I have bleeding that I cannot stop! My next appointment at Twin Falls is 21 May 2013.