Relapsed High-Risk Myeloma Bone Marrow Biopsy Results May 2 2013

The news is not so good on my bone marrow biopsy results. Dr. Padavanija (St. Luke’s Hospital, Twin Falls, Idaho) called me this afternoon to let me know that the percentage of plasma cells (that’s my cancer) in my bone marrow has increased to 95 %. It is a wonder that I feel as well as I do! Explains why my blood values are staying low – being squeezed out by the cancerous plasma cells.

Dr. Padavanija had already called Dr. Clay Smith at the University of Colorado Hospital (Aurora, Colorado) and discussed the results with him. Dr. Smith suggested a couple of protocols that might help me. However, both will probably require “rescue” blood and platelet transfusions. In addition, I will have to get medical insurance approval for the protocols.

Option 1: carfilzomib/pomalidomide/dex
Option 2: bendamustine/Revlimid (Lenalidomide)/dex

For right now I went with Option 2: Bendamustine since I’ve not had that medication before. St. Luke’s Hospital will begin trying to get my medical insurance approval ASAP – this approval does not occur overnight. I will see Dr. Padavanija again this coming Tuesday, 7 May 2013.

I will also look for a clinical trial at 

However, I’m not willing to move to a clinical trial city at this point in time. Perhaps, one of the clinical trials, if I can find one, won’t require local residence.   

This Adventure may have reached the cliff jump stage! But, I’ll still be wearing my hiking boots!

But, again, hard to believe since, although tired, I feel good today. Went to the Lost River Highway District Open House in their new shop this afternoon. 

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Kemmer and me at the new Lost River Highway District Shop located at 600 Stockman Dr., Mackay, Idaho.