Relapsed High Risk Myeloma – Update August 19 2013

I feel better today. My ULTRA-SORE THROAT for the most part feels better. Can drink fluids, especially warm fluids with little difficult. The circumference of my neck had gotten so large, I had to take my “world” necklace off, but it  might be ready to go back on today.  

Our air quality from the Sun Valley fires is improving. Jani went golfing with Helen Marinac and I drifted in out of a nap while they were gone last evening. We made motel reservations for Thursday in Twin Falls. Friends, Ali and Patti will meet us there.  I’ll have my St. Lukes’ Clinic visit late on Thursday afternoon and hopefully they will know why I developed Type 1 diabetes and how to treat it.

Back to the motel and then we’ll get up Friday morning to return to the Cancer Center MSTI for my second chemo for the week. (Carfilzomib intravenously/Pomalyst 2 mg orally).

 US Bank Drive through 19 August 2013. So, I am driving short distances now too.

Jani took the dogs up on the Mine Hill and Kemmer came home with multiple cacti in her paws. Kemmer is very patient while Jani hunts for the cactus and gets them out.

Sharp, little (big) dang things.