Relapsed High Risk Myeloma – Update August 18 2013

Woke this morning with such a ROTTEN sore throat that I needed to get a glob of old blood and mucous out – it just chokes me.  And it was a lot thicker than it looks in this photo. I had another episode while showering today,

I tested my blood sugar at 7:45 AM  (this the before breakfast check) and it was 128, so, I didn’t require any insulin.

I was unable to eat my toast and barely able to down my 6.5 dex;. In fact, I had to give taking the pills a couple of tries.

Being a Type 1 Diabetic is  no fun – in fact, it might be a whole LOT LESS FUN than having multiple myeloma. I checked my blood again at 10 AM and needed 2 units of Novalog. Since I did not sleep last night, I napped several times today. 

Jani worked on cleaning the barbecue on my back porch even though the air quality is so poor outside due to the Ketchum Sun Valley forest fire which has consumed over 100,000 acres and is TERRIBLE on the air quality ~ just 50 miles north and west of Mackay, Idaho. 

I’m most likely a diabetic now because of the dex I take every other day. I had been taking 10 mg every other day and now they have lowered my dex to 6.5 mg every other day.

Slowly, my SORE THROAT has been improving today. I’ve had no more discharge from my throat since I showered.