Relapsed High Risk Multiple Myeloma – Updated August 16 2013

Dr. Padavanija stopped by early and  told me that I should come down to MSTI after Dr. Tom DiRocco discharged me this morning. I would be getting chemo (intravenous carfilzomizb) and then be on my way home to Mackay with Jani. She wants to lower my Dex dosage to 6.5 mg from 10 mg every other day. I told her about my TERRIBLE SORE TROAT and how RAW it was after it started to to downward by my esophagus.

Before I was discharged from St. Luke’s Medical Unit, I had french toast for. Then Dietitian Elba cam by to do the Diabetes  Teaching – and a discussion about what to eat. They also gave me lot of paperwork discussions on carbohydrates, etc.  

 Jani “doggles” and N-95 Mask to protect her during mowing the lawn.

 Bart’s windshield is covered with ash from the forest fires in Ketchum and Sun Valley.

Before we left for home in Bart, they gave me an appointment with a diabetes doctor in their St. Luke’s Clinic – Dr. Martins at 4 PM for next Thursday afternoon.