Relapse: Holding Pomalidomide In Cycle 2 for Low Platelets – April 12 2013

Slept pretty good last night.

Took the last of the Dex 10 mg to make 40 mg for the week this morning – craving sugar. Will be interesting to see how I feel over the weekend as I come off all the dex. I don’t start the next 40 mg again until next Tuesday, 16 Apr 2013.

Drove to Lost Rivers Medical Center in Arco, Idaho and had my complete blood count drawn.

My white blood cell count is up a tad, but  is still low at 2.6 (norms 4.5-11); absolute neutrophil count (ANC) up, but still low at 1.36 (norms 1.9-8.8); hemoglobin way up to 9.3 (from the blood transfusion 10 Apr 2013), but still too low (norms 12-16); platelets still too low at 46 (norms 140-440). 

I’m still a bit breathless with walking and wondering if I might have a sinus infection beginning.

RN Rhonda called from St. Luke’s Hospital in Twin Falls after she got the results and told me that Dr. Padavanija wants me to HOLD the pomalidomide (Pomalyst) until my platelet count climbs above 50. I won’t have my blood checked again until 16 Apr 2013. So, I am still in RELAPSE and have been in relapse for 1 full year now.