Reboot Day 0

Earlier today I started my bone marrow reboot at 11 am (Yes it’s July 1st so I tip my hat in honor of my friends celebrating Canada’s birthday). The wonderful drug traveling through my body and soul is wiping out my blood cells. Every last one of those insidious myeloma cells is either already dead or soon will be. I’ll do my best to give you a glimpse into my journey as it unfolds. There is no map. Let go and let the Universe unfold a new reality for me and everyone in my life. Just to give you and idea of how wonderfully geeky I really am you can read “Physicists at The Australian National University (ANU) have conducted John Wheeler’s delayed-choice thought experiment, which involves a moving object that is given the choice to act like a particle or a wave. Wheeler’s experiment then asks – at which point does the object decide?” Think of that guy over there on the right side of the page as a particle in the Universe. I don’t exist until I am observed. What reality shall we create? Let’s aim high. Perfect health guided by love, grace, gratitude and universal truths. Now who wouldn’t want to laugh and share a wonderful dinner with that guy?