Rebirth Day 0

A Beautiful Birthday

A Mayo Sunset July 2nd, ’15

 is slowly coming to an end. Around noon today I received ~3.5 million of my own blood producing stem cells that have been frozen for a bit over 2 years here at Mayo Jacksonville. It is with a bit glee that I must admit the physical part has been a breeze. There is an unfamiliar emotion associated with free falling into the unknown. It’s an odd juxtaposition of the very low vibration of insecurity, guilt and unworthiness mixed with a much more pleasant enthusiasm and positive expectation born of a belief or deeper knowledge I am unable to articulate. The hundreds of people all over the world, not to mention all the energy I’m totally unfamiliar with pouring over me is disorienting.

A Beaming Olivia Grace

 My dear Olivia Grace does an inspiring expression of beauty as she shields me from the power light on the TV. How about Jupiter and Venus passing by each other in the early evening sunset. Being grateful of the beauty and caring people surrounding me feels so joyful. An Amazing Grace given, not earned, just unconditional. If you have read this far you have my deepest gratitude and loving appreciation. Thanks for being a friend.