Reality check.

It’s a strange world. We all know that we will die one day, and yet no-one wants to actually talk about death. We brush the subject under the carpet, imagine there isn’t an elephant in the room, pretend that medical science will find a cure next week…… People don’t like having to face up to it, even the medical profession try and gloss over things. When Mike told the CNS that after eighteen months of no progress he had had enough her first response was “would you like to see a counsellor?” Er no, not unless they have a magic wand / cure for Mike’s lack of progress. Can they make his haemaglobin normal? Can they increase his platelets? Can they make him feel fit enough to walk around the park with the dog? Of course they can’t. There is nothing that they can say to change the fact Mike is on borrowed time. His body is tired, there is only so long you can be on dialysis even if you have nothing wrong with your blood and bone marrow. To have two things dragging you down means the end is bound to be sooner. We are both tired, we have reached a point where, unless something drastically changes, it is time to call a halt to treatments that are simply prolonging the inevitable end.