Real Good News Today

I stopped in for my monthly Oncologist visit and a quick (bi-weekly) shot in the chemo lounge – they have Velcade on tap. Test results and news from the doc isn’t always good, but you take what you get and do the best you can with it. Today I received very good news. The two main Multiple Myeloma cancer indicators the doc monitors are Light Chains and M-Protein. She said my Light Chains currently are “perfectly normal” and my M-Protein is undetectable (normal). The trend towards normal began in June. She also noted that I’m approaching one year of low dose chemo treatments. She said two years of this is the standard prescription. If things go well, I won’t be taking it the rest of my life.

I have a friend, Dave, who just had cancer surgery and will likely have radiation, and a friend, Diane, who is waiting for test results. I wish I could share this report with them. I don’t mean share the news, I wish them similar results.

Thank you for your continuing prayers and support. I remain grateful to God for my every blessing.