Rainy, windy Sunday!

More snow in the sierras and quite windy and rainy here. We live about 1:30 hours from tahoe, on the I 80 corridor. So our elevation is about 1700 feet. Lovely most of the year. The storm has passed from here but still going in the mountains. We’ll  see how tomorrow is for my daughter driving to work.

A slow day. Didn’t do a whole lot. Tomorrow I need to go pay  a dmv renewal at AAA, then Target for some shower curtains. Who knows what else I’ll find. I’m trying to use a new Google doc spread sheet for budgeting. It’s challenging but I will persevere. I’m working on next years financial goals and they had better be good. We spent alot of money on house maintenance this year, so next needs to be less. Although, our refrigerator is ready to explode. Each time it clicks off it clunks loader and loader. I’m holding my breath we get thru christmas

Christmas  will be small even if I’ve still spent a small fortune. Honestly, I wonder where it goes. But, all in all not too bad. I had in the Santa fund $1200, and think I went over by about $300. But that’s including lots of little things and food etc. so not to bad.

Well, I’m going to try and total the amounts this week.