Rain pouring down this morning!

I woke early, with my morning coffee and half and half in my mug.   The spring rain is making that soothing sound, which to some makes them sleepy, but to me it sets me to thinking.  I have been a wee
bit down lately and it is reflected in my writing.  What with work being difficult, and my health being a challenge, I have been measuring my life out.   I sometimes look backward instead of forward.  There is more behind me in life than forward unless I live to 100+  which is highly unlikely.
     My father-in-law is 83 on kidney dialysis, my mother in law is somewhat nuts…. but I know something about mental illness, the stressors of life run headlong with my family.   I try to look upon the bright side of life, but it is hard to stay positive when all around you seems negative.
     I am reminded of that poem, which is truly ironic, considering my last name!
 To The Virgins, Make much of Time by Robert Herrick.   Monday I will be hooked up to an IV of Zometa!