Radiation by Sue

George did a really good job of explaining the whole radiation program. I met with the Fresno Radiologist the next day after we returned home. I had 12 sessions aimed at my tail bone. I went in on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. Everyone at the St. Agnes Cancer Center was so nice – I really felt cared for. It was also neat to network with the other women patients. Most of the patients had breast cancer, I was the only one I met with Multiple Myeloma. Yesterday, Thursday, Jan 7 was my final day. What I didn’t realize about radiation is how much it takes out of me. I have NO strength! I cannot step up a curb unassisted. I cannot step my leg into the passenger seat of a car. I can’t see or feel the connection between radiation and strength loss, but it is clearly there. The radiation folks say it will take 6-8 weeks to regain my strength. I am starting back teaching full time in two weeks! Yikes! Calling all prayer warriors!