RABBITS could be the secret weapon in the fight against bone marrow cancer

A virus found only in rabbits was found to eradicate an aggressive blood cancer

In a study on mice, 25% had no signs of the disease after being given the virus

Experts say the MYVX virus strengthens the immune system and fights tumors

A virus found only in rabbits can eradicate an aggressive form of bone marrow cancer in mice

Multiple myeloma (MM), which is difficult to treat, is the second most common form of blood cancer.

Currently, patients are given stem cell transplants to try and overcome the disease.

But many relapse, making it more deadly, as the innovative treatment often fails to remove all of the cancerous cells.

However, using myxoma virus (MYXV) – which is only found in rabbits – during this process was successful in eradicating MM cells.

This prevented the relapse of the disease, the researchers from the Medical University of South Carolina and University of Oslo, Norway found.

They also assessed whether using MYXV could have a benefit on the disease outside of the stem cell transplant.

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