Quick Trip to Houston

As promised, I am returning to Houston for a quick check up with my doctor at MD Anderson. We’re staying at Springhill Suites because the Rotary is full. But that is fine. The main reason the Rotary is better concerns parking. If you stay at the Rotary, parking is free. Whatever the case, I am glad to be getting this last appointment in because I will not have to return again for a while.

Thursday, I’ll start seeing my local oncologist who will be responsible for checking my blood and making sure I stay on track with my recovery. I am supposed to start tapering off of Cyclosporine as of this appointment.

Jacob was off to his first day of school today. I drove him to the school, and he seemed excited. I’ll be be here this afternoon to pick him up, of course, then his dad will get him from home. He has Boy Scouts tonight, so his dad will get him there and back again. He’ll stay with his dad tonight.

We should return by tomorrow evening.

Thankfully, I have a book on tape that Kirk and I have been listening to. This helps pass the five hours of driving to Houston.

Today, I’m just packing and doing laundry until Kirk and Jacob come home. Then, Kirk and I will be leaving for Houston.