Quick post on the Beacon drama

No good deed, it has been said, goes unpunished.

And how.
A doctor from another institution recently published an article calling into question the mortality statistics from UAMS.  Essentially this article didn’t dispute the percent of patients who were still alive at a given point in time (UAMS’ strong suit) but it disputed the percent of patients whose cause of death was reported as “unknown/undetermined” instead of treatment-related.  He accused UAMS, essentially, of downplaying the percent of patients that die from the toxicity of the program.
UAMS is defending itself, though frankly not as aggressively as I’d like.  It’s uncommon, I believe, for doctors to wage public war over stuff like this but this episode has certainly given those opposed to BB for whatever reason an excuse to vent their spleens.
I went to the Myeloma Beacon website after have been warned of some of this by BJ — and I feel I owe a little something to BB and the team since they’ve saved my life.
I ended up stepping into a snake pit over there.  I’ve already over-participated in the thread so I won’t be posting anything further there but I have an observation and a request.
Observation: the fact that people with a life-threatening disease don’t have better things to do than denigrating both those working against the disease and those patients who choose a different treatment plan than their own would be mind-boggling were it not so depressing.
Request: For any of you who read this blog and are “offended” when I point out that BB used particular protocols before they were generally accepted…do us both a favor and stop reading this blog.  It wasn’t meant for you and we’ll both be happier.