It has probably been months since I have been able to share anything significant. This virus, the timing, with life could not have been worse… or better, depending on your perspective. When all the normal rules do not apply, life starts to look even more foreign than you thought.

I sit here outside in my hammock as I watch my animals wander around in the grass exploring, but never getting too far from my eyesight. I had the COVID test yesterday and grew an even greater appreciation for the medical workers in this country. I am not proud to say that I did not do well as the test was administered, my pain reflex (try jamming a pencil as far up your nose as possible to illustrate) – I stupidly grabbed the workers gloved wrist – as I slammed the back of my head into my car seat and I swore – “Shit – Owwch!! Sorry, Sorry, I am so Sorry for touching you… Omg… Omg,” They said, “it’s ok, Good Luck to you, Feel Better” (I am thinking to myself, I can’t possibly have it… I feel too OK to have it, why did they say that?” and I rolled away – realizing how I also (expelled even more respiratory droplets than necessary in their semi-controlled environment) As I roll my window back up after replacing the mask on my face. I thought, if I was her, I would have punched me in the mouth… right there… and she would have every right to punch me in the mouth, because…. I grabbed her wrist – and reflexive things happen sometimes, and sometimes the world is a scary place. She was just there to test me, because I happen to be a part of a high-risk category of people, and have had just a few symptoms for the last month. The only one that limits the bounds of my sanity is the the shortness of breath and the constant pain in the chest when I take any deep breath. So, the HYPERACTIVITY side of my brain needs activity to survive day to day…. but lately if I try to work, or ride my bike, or run my dog, or garden…. anything other than sitting in my bedroom watching Game of Thrones or House of Cards for the 2nd or potentially 3rd time because it is a way to pass blocks of time easier when I cannot exercise the way I want or move the way I want. (although, I am quite inventive with small spaces)

The view from the hammock is nice, the birds are chirping, the horses are grazing, the temperature is cold and breezy, but thank God I can still be outside. The time sometimes reminds me of quarantine during the stem cell transplants, when I walked the hospital floors in masks, and saw others doing the same. But now, I have the freedom to be outside, and it is something I can claim for today. I hope everyone following stay at home orders is doing well, and also those not following orders… I hope they stay well also, and do not infect anyone else as they are out there fighting the powers ‘that be’ with their actions. I am BORED out of my Mind, AND THAT is the honest truth. I could not think of much worth value to share, other than being a COVID testing story to add to the rest.