Anybody who is anybody knows that the main requirement to be cool, with It and on trend when you are a single 29 year old, is not going out and about and experiencing the world, but is a desire and the necessary time to complete puzzles by yourself. Yes, puzzles. The puzzles can be a jigsaw, a sudoku or something that you can find in the latest edition of Puzzler, but ultimately, they must be something one uses as a time consuming form of recreational escapism. Modern technology allows this trend to be followed via the tablet, or in the case of the even cooler kids, the iPad. This really is what people mean when they refer to ‘gaming’; logic puzzles. When one has a genuine urge to input numbers or find words, in an attempt to escape their woes, they automatically becoming an intriguing and marvellous being.

I am not going to lie to you, I am just one of these people. The cool people.

I like to escape. Imagine my surprise then, when one day no so far behind us, in an attempt to not think about my situation, I decided to complete a word search and came across a naughty word I was not intending, nor wanting, to come across.


It’s a bloody epidemic. Before you know it, it’s everywhere. Everywhere.