pumpkin cheese cake

So, Im cooking a pumpkin cheese cake for dessert on Thursday. Yesterday, I made the vegetarian nut loaf. I’ve made this everyday for  over 25 years. It comes from Tassajara recipe book. It uses brown rice nuts ( I just use what I have) cheese, eggs and spices. I never follow it exactly and then bake in a loaf pan. I cut slices and serve with tamari  gravy. The tamari gravy is basically a vegetarian brown gravy. Flour, butter make a roux add water an then tamari to taste. Sometimes thats a few tablespoons. We all actually like this better than turkey  but i still make a turkey. B is still vegetarian and I was for over 22 years. Then one day I woke up and decided to eat meat. Really. I really only ate some chicken but now I eat whatever. Still overall we eat very little meat. So then there will be mashed potatoes, stuffing, and green beans (I think).

I was just commenting on another blog,(sixty payments), I always say we’ll go out or buy the premade meal, but then I never do. I guess I like cooking too much:)

So blood labs show my neutrophils pretty good 1240. So I didn’t tank too much this month. Actually thats really good. (normal low is 1500).

Still waiting on spep  test and kappa light chains. That could even be tomorrow since it takes about 3 days to get. I really don’t want to go to Sacramento tomorrow but I have to. I’ll be sure to take tylenol and I try and drink a quart of gatorade before and during the zometa infusion.

We’re not stopping anywhere else so I hope we can be home by noon.