Providence (of a sort)

I’ll bleed just a little bit too. I’m an animal, just like you
Providence – Foals

Check up: … Haemoglobin 11.2 … Neutrophils 1.85 … Platelets 140 … Kappa FLCs 65 …

These are my scores from tests last Monday. I had my monthly bisphosphonates (Zometa) at the same time, followed by my monthly clinic appointment on Friday. The usual drill.

Interpretation of results: no change since last month. My myeloma is going nowhere (though still detectable). My immune system is not quite normal – appears to still be stabilising. I am still (as ever) anaemic, which will become an issue if it doesn’t improve in the next few months. Not exactly a clean bill of health, but the best I can, realistically, hope for.