Promising New Treatment in Multiple Myeloma – Dr. Shaji Kumar of Mayo Rochester and Dr. Edward Faber of the University of Nebraska Medical Center will be the featured Multiple Myeloma Specialists

***Now that the program has aired you can read a summary and find a link to the broadcast if you click HERE.***

The January Myeloma Cure Panel Broadcast will feature Promising New Treatments in Multiple Myeloma with Dr. Shaji K. Kumar of the Mayo Rochester and Dr. Edward A. Faber of the University of Nebraska Medical Center as the featured speakers.  The broadcast will be on January 30, 2013 at 6:00 pm EST.  It is an interactive broadcast, and the callers are encouraged to send in their questions for the myeloma specialists to Priya Menon at  These skilled multiple myeloma specialists have recently returned from the ASH American Society of Hematology meeting, and will be discussing information from this meeting  that they deem noteworthy, as well as providing insight into those treatments that they now believe are the future direction in multiple myeloma treatments.

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Both Mayo Rochester and University of Nebraska Medical Center have provided survival data to and their results are excellent.  You will be hard pressed to find a better dynamic duo  to obtain insight into the future course of multiple myeloma treatment.  Life expectancy and survival rates are certain to continue improvement  with the cooperation, teamwork, and selfless service that I continue to witness over and over again from multiple myeloma specialists.  For additional information on this interactive broadcast, please go to the attached link from Cure Talk.  Link:  

I will be the co-host for this broadcast, and look forward to providing another great program to the multiple myeloma patient community.  May God Bless your myeloma journey/ Gary Petersen