Today was the day when everything happened at once.  Most of it too late to be helpful.

  • the Community Alarm was installed
  • Social Services confirmed he could have a wash once a week from 25 January (!)
  • the District Nurse delivered a commode and a “blue book” for FL’s patient notes
  • a brand new shiny “dedicated” GP rang to discuss how FL was feeling today, and pain management…
  • and rang again a little later to say that FL has been allocated a place in the hospice, tomorrow morning
FL slept through most of it.
He stirred at 2.30pm and I managed to tell him about the hospice place, and had a little cry and a cuddle.
Then he slept again until 5.30pm when I proposed late lunch / early dinner so that he might be awake long enough to gather some book-project papers to take in his bag tomorrow.
He ate a little but couldn’t concentrate well enough to read.
I printed off the latest draft, ready to pack in the morning.
The nurses have just visited to put him to bed, where I need to join him soon.
Goodnight, everyone.