Presenting My Story- and Thanking all my Colleagues!

Thank YOU from my heart and soul- to all my colleagues, friends, family and Chancellor Dr Dianne Van Hook for attending my presentation today.
Words always seem so inadequate when trying to express my sincere appreciation for the support you have given me…
I wish there had been more time, for more detail, but hopefully what I shared was meaningful, interesting and helpful.

Just having you there, meant the world to me!
Just knowing you care, gives me courage!
Just knowing you…  invigorates me!

~ Thank you to each and every one of you, from every department that attended- I am so very honored!
~ Thank you Chancellor Dr Dianne Van Hook for attending AND honoring me with your nomination for the SMO Empowering Hearts award! Thank you for your special thoughts, humbling comments and beautiful rose bouquet!
~ Thank you Keitha for coming and representing the Nursing Program students and honoring me with representing your Leukemia, Lymphoma Society’s Light the Night Walk fundraiser!

~ Thank you Professor Mike for bringing your VERY BRAVE and so ADORABLE son Daniel, who is currently battling Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, and enduring very intense chemo treatments!

Brave Daniel and supportive sister Caitlin
hamming it for the camera on a clinic day!
Thanks for coming to my presentation Daniel :)

~ Thank you Professor Kelly for organizing, publicizing and participating in my presentation, not to mention your Scientific/Biological Brilliance!
~ Thank you RTVF-Media-Film students for filming my presentation!


Coffee on the Side is an academic seminar series which is offered once a month during the Fall and Spring semesters. The goal is to promote interdisciplinary discussions and continual learning for faculty and staff of College of the Canyons. COTS seminars are organized by the Interdisciplinary Committee.

Sept 2011
How Cancer Stole My Life: Diagnosis, Chemo, a Stem Cell Transplant and My New Normal
Presented by Julie Visner, Counseling Department

Come hear Counselor Julie Visner’s personal story of her sudden and surprising (incurable) cancer diagnosis, chemo treatments and stem cell transplant adventure all resulting in remission, along with her personal reflections on going from presumed health to a near death diagnosis. Julie will share medical details, personal reflections and answer your questions about this life-altering experience.

Aug 2011
Stem Cell Therapies: Controversies and Cures
Presented by Kelly Cude, Biology Department

What are stem cells? Will stem cells help paralyzed people walk again? Are stem cells the key to curing terminal diseases like Parkinson’s disease and cancer? If so, why is stem cell research so controversial? In this month’s FLEX presentation, we will discuss the current and future uses of stem cell therapies.


Please support COC’s Nursing Students cancer fundraiser:
Leukemia Lymphoma Society’s SCV Light The Night Walk, Fundraiser

Myeloma Details website