Prayers for Paula

One of the first blogs we found when EZ was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, over two years ago, was Feresaknit’s Blog. Author Paula Kilgallon, is a young woman in the UK whose quick wit and talent with knitting needles, a crochet hook, and a sewing machine can hardly be surpassed. Though we wish our paths had crossed for reasons other than MM, we are so thankful for Paula’s blog, and for her friendship as she and EZ battle MM. Though we have never met face to face, we, like so many others in blogosphere, consider Paula our dear friend, and she is heavy on our hearts right now.

This is Paula’s Facebook profile picture and though it isn’t the clearest shot, I think it’s beautiful for so many reasons. Her smile, her eyes, her honesty and the Prayer Shawl she has wrapped around her shoulders. My mother lovingly, and with much prayer, crocheted it and asked that we send it to Paula for Christmas last year.

Here is