Postcards to Bruce

Yo – dog!You won’t believe this, but I’m on holiday!

The humans started on about “carp-y dee-em” and the next thing I knew, I was in the boot of the car watching the sky rush past.

The garden here is fantastic.

I like the pond best. No sign of carp though.

There are swallows though – lots and lots of the pesky swoopy dive-bombers.  Grrr.

Roo takes me up the hill every morning and evening.

The local Iron Brew is rubbish.  I’d rather wash my paws in it than drink it.

We saw a deer (yawn) and then I spotted Pi an’ Martin. That Martin stood on his hind legs, made faces at me, cursed and ran off before I had time to catch my breath. Pi wasn’t much friendlier.  Roo seemed to think it was funny.

The Boss is scribbling in his notebooks, sleeping a lot and eating pills.
Roo says she is On A Mission and sits around sticking a hook in a massive blanket that just keeps getting bigger and bigger. She really needs to stop soon.
Today we went for a drive to the El Wye Ess.
Roo came out with 4  bright green baby llamas. They look more like yarn to me and are no fun to play with, but it doesn’t stop her from petting them.

That’s all my news, dude.
Got some serious sun-bathing to do.

PS  Roo says they were Pine Martens, in case you wondered.