POST 8 – 40 Challenges B4 40 – An Update


Ok so it’s time to do an overview of my 40 Challenges, remind people what they are and predominantly remind you just WHY I am doing them, and how YOU can help.


I am doing this because I LOVE raising awareness about what myeloma is, fundraising for the charity, and seeing things change as a result of the money that WE raise. Myeloma UK are an amazing charity that have not only helped me and the family through the support that they have given us both directly and indirectly, but have also instigated some of the best UK based research into myeloma. I am really proud to be able to fundraise for them as I genuinely believe that they do fantastic stuff with the money raised.

By raising awareness, we can hopefully help to prevent late diagnosis in patients….1 in 5 patients diagnosed with myeloma die within 60 days due to this delay. Thanks to Myeloma UK undertaking campaigns to ensure that more health professionals know what to look for, and awareness being greater in general, this figure is changing. Survival rates are now improving faster than for nearly any other cancer – 2 years ago only 30% of myeloma patients were still alive after 5 years. Already this figure has increased to around 40%!

I am lucky. This July I will fall into that 40% statistic (and don’t worry, I’ll definitely get there:-) ). That is why I continue to fundraise. I want that statistic to get higher….we need far more than 40% still alive after 5 years; in fact we need far more than 40% still alive after ten or fifteen years. And I believe that the work that Myeloma UK does will help to achieve that.

This film summarises what I’ve said above. If when you’ve read it you feel that you would like to help, please either go direct to Myeloma UK, or, even better, donate on my – you can help to make a difference


THE 40 CHALLENGES (Well 50 with the aim of completing 40!)

If you or any of your friends/ acquaintances can help with any of these, please get in touch with me! I am especially looking for help with getting £40 from 40 different businesses, 40 different raffle prizes and getting famous people to tweet and give me signatures!

1. Find 40 myeloma patients to do 40 challenges – possibly to raise £4,000? (Sadly this one isn’t now going to be included as I haven’t had enough interest. But if you want to do it – that would be amazing!)

2. Climb 40 floors in a building – Taking place on 25th May

3. Give up drinking alcohol, and eating crisps and nuts for 40 days – Achieved 20th March 2014

4. Read 40 books

5. Run 40km in 4 days.

6. Do a pub crawl round 40 pubs in 40 hours

7. Eat 40 brussel sprouts in 4 minutes

8. Get 40 friends to be sponsored to give up something for the 40 days of Lent (or equivalent).

9. Tell 40 people who don’t know anything about myeloma, what it is.

10. Get ingredients donated to make 40 cakes/ 40 cakes donated and sell them at a cake sale

11. Persuade 40 businesses to donate a minimum of £40 each

12. Sell 40 roses in aid of Myeloma UK – achieved – thank you to Hire Heaven :-)

13. Do 40 lots of 20 second planks in one day (or the equivalent)!

14. Eat 40 types of fruit

15. Iron 40 items of clothing in 40 minutes

16. Try 40 different bottles of wine.

17. Buy a complete outfit for £40

18. Swim 40 lengths

19. Write 40 entries into my blog

20. Get 40 shots through the net of a netball post in 4 minutes.

21. Peel 40 potatoes in 40 minutes

22. Get the revised Myeloma Diagnosis Pathway taken to 40 different GP’s/ health professionals

23. Play 40 different sports (looking for contacts to help with this?)

24. Recognise 40 different songs with artists (honestly….you’re lucky if I know one at the moment!)

25. Have a party for at least 40 people.

26. Get 40 people born on the same day (January 25th) to send me a 40th birthday card!!!

27. Get 40 famous people to tweet about my challenge

28. Make £40 at a car boot sale.

29. Look after a dog for 40 hours (Ruth Wheeler?)

30. Learn to knit and knit 40 rows (minimum!)

31. Stay awake for 40 hours

32. Stay in bed for 40 hours

33. A sponsored silence for 40 hours

34. Make 40 cups of tea in a day

35. Visit a zoo and see 40 animals

36. Make and sell 40 greetings cards.

37. Drive 40 different cars

38. Get 40 people to congo through West Wycombe

39. Get 40 signatures from Famous People

40. Receive letters from people from 40 different countries.

41. Sell 40 Myeloma UK trolley keyrings – Challenge achieved

42. Try 40 different types of cheeses (again, any deli contacts for me?)

43.String a necklace with 40 beads/ stones.

44. Play 40 consecutive games of cards

45. Ride for 40 minutes on a horse

46. Travel at least 40m down a zip wire (I hate them with a passion having fallen off something similar when I was 14!)

47. Pull 40 pints – Taking place on 1st May

48. Get 40 prizes for a raffle (if possible non-location specific please)

49. Get 40 people to donate money to Myeloma UK instead of giving Christmas cards – Achieved

50. Get 40 people to sign up to the Myeloma UK Retail Therapy Walk on 11th May 2014

For an update on these challenges, please take a look at the link above titled ’40 Challenges B4 40′