POST 34: Wishing Everyone a belated Cheesy Christmas

So Christmas has been a bit late coming in our house this year. And I wrote this post a week ago and forgot to post it! So I thought I’d post it now and add the photos later….after all I’ve still got another 6 posts to write so can’t afford to not post any!!

To be totally honest, it has been really hard to get my head into the right mindset since my mum’s death, but it is where having young kids really helps. When they start mentioning a week before Christmas (in an amazingly non-moaning manner, I am proud to say) that we were the only family not to have a tree up, it is a strong reminder that Christmas is about the family we all have. Mum is being remembered in so much that we do this year. She made Christmas into a time of traditions that continue today. And I think that she would want us to be remembering her with a smile on our faces rather than being sad that she isn’t with us. So we will try that and try to catch up with things so that the kids can enjoy Christmas. The tree is now up, letters to Father Christmas written, the quality streets have been brought, and I even made some mince pies yesterday! We’re getting there :-)

We started the festive season last weekend with our family ‘Fraser’ get together. 29 of us at my sisters house! It was so lovely after the weeks of sadness to have a day which focused on family. Lots of food, drink…and cheese!

I was really lucky to complete Challenge 42 of my 40 Challenges B440 – to try 40 different types of cheese. I had written to so many companies to ask if they could help with this challenge and was so lucky to get a response from Neal’s Yard Dairy. They are based in Borough market, London and we used to live quite near to them back in the day! Anyway, despite being massively busy with the Christmas period, and having numerous requests that they normally have to turn down, they saw something special in this one. I am so grateful to Jon for agreeing to provide 40 types of cheese for me to try. There were 10 different goats cheeses, lots of ewes milk cheeses and the rest being cows cheeses!
Now I really like cheese but I’m not always very adventurous so the idea was try out some new ones and see if I’d been making assumptions that were outdated. I thought that I hated blue (mouldy!!!) cheeses….and I have learnt that I was right! I think there was only one of these that I didn’t mind, but even with that I wouldn’t go and buy it! I also learnt that Nick and I have totally different tastes in cheese…he likes the strong smelly ones (no comment please!) and I like the milder, creamy ones. They do say that opposites attract and I think that’s true with nick and me on so many levels ;-)

But seriously, if anyone is ever near London Bridge on a Friday when Borough market is open, I definitely recommend going to Neal’s Yard and taking a look. Their cheeses are like none that you will find in a supermarket and they are a lovely small business that it would be great to support!

So that makes 32 challenges complete with another 8 to manage before 25th January. It’s going to be tough, especially since I’ve just accepted a new job AND since we think we’ve just accepted an offer on our house! But, I will do it. I have to do it. For me and for my mum who supported me so much with them.