Post 32: One month to go: An update on 40 Challenges B440

So things have been a little quiet over the past month as per my previous post, but now I have less than one month to go before I hit 40……and less than one month to go until I’m meant to have completed my 40 Challenges B440! It is going to be very tight I think. I thought I’d give a quick update and that way people can see which ones have been completed and which ones I still need help with.

I owe so many people a big thank you already. All the companies that have donated or have given prizes, all of you who have donated things or bought raffle tickets etc, those of you who have got involved with fundraising on my behalf, who have made things or delivered things for me, or who have got me signatures! All of you who have put up with my constant facebook pestering and those of you who have constantly retweeted for me. And of course those who have joined me along the way by supporting events I’ve taken part in like the pub-crawl, pint pulling and conga in the park! And I’ve probably missed some of you out, but it isn’t for a lack of care…more a fuddled brain this close to the christmas period!

To date I have completed 32 challenges and so have just 8 more to go. I am pleased to say that already, and without gift aid, we have managed to raise…..drum roll…..a massive £17,671.24. Now I’m still waiting for that to be verified but I’m over the moon with that…especially when you consider I initially had hoped to raise £4,000!!!

Completed Challenges:

These are the challenges that are now complete;

1. Find 40 people to do one challenge each in aid of Myeloma UK – Achieved

2. Climb 40 floors in a building – Achieved

3. Give up drinking alcohol,  and eating crisps and nuts for 40 days – Achieved

5. Run 40km in 4 days. Achieved 

6. Do a pub crawl round 40 pubs in 40 hours – Achieved

8. Get 40 friends to be sponsored to give up something for the 40 days of Lent (or equivalent) – Achieved 

10. Get ingredients donated to make 40 cakes/ 40 cakes donated and sell them at a cake sale Achieved 

12. Sell 40 roses in aid of Myeloma UK – Achieved

14. Eat 40 types of fruit – Achieved

15. Iron 40 items of clothing in 40 minutes – Achieved

16. Try 40 different bottles of wine. – Achieved

17. Buy a complete outfit for £40 – Achieved

20. Get 40 shots  through the net of a netball post in 4 minutes. Achieved 

21. Get people to make 40 Myeloma Buddies Achieved

24. Get a group of people (40 if possible) to do a total of 10,000 taekwondo kicks in one day Achieved

28. Make £40 at a car boot sale. Achieved

30. Learn to knit and knit 40 rows (minimum!) Achieved

32. Stay in bed for 40 hours – Achieved

33. A sponsored silence for 40 hours – Achieved

34. Make 40 cups of tea in a day – Achieved 

35. Visit a zoo and see 40 animals – Achieved

36. Make and sell 40 greetings cards. Achieved

38. Get 40 people to conga through West Wycombe Park – Achieved

39. Get 40 signatures from Famous People – Achieved

40. Receive letters from people from 40 different countries. Achieved

41. Sell 40 Myeloma UK trolley keyrings – Achieved

42.  Try 40 different types of cheeses – Achieved

44. Play 40 consecutive games of cards – Achieved

46. Travel at least 40m down a zip wire Achieved (160m!)

47. Pull 40 pints – Achieved 

48. Get 40 prizes for a raffle (if possible non-location specific please)  Achieved

49. Get 40 people to donate money to Myeloma UK instead of giving Christmas cards – Achieved 


Ok, so the last 8 challenges need to come from the list below. Most of these are totally down to me….eating 40 brussel sprouts, planks, writing entries into this blog. But some of them could still benefit from YOUR help. I’ve highlighted these in italic with some comments underneath. If you can help, or can put me in touch with someone who can help, please shout. I have just managed to get myself a new job, which whilst brilliant, also means I have slightly less time available to me to finish these off….and I can’t begin to tell you how devastated I’ll be if I don’t achieve them!

4. Read 40 books

7. Eat 40 brussel sprouts in 4 minutes

9. Tell 40 people who don’t know anything about myeloma, what it is. You could argue I’ve told well over 40 people through these challenges, but if I could do one breakfast meeting or a presentation at a ‘Round table’ group in the next month, I would feel I had done it properly.

11. Persuade 40 businesses to donate a minimum of £40 each. I have currently got 32 donations with another one promised. If you or anyone you know might donate, I am happy to do facebook and twitter shout outs!

13. Do 40 lots of 20 second planks in one day (or the equivalent)!

18. Swim 40 lengths

19. Write 40 entries into my blog

22. Get the revised Myeloma Diagnosis Pathway taken to 40 different GP’s/ health professionals. This has kindly been taken to 21 different practices, but I still need to get it into another 19 in the next month. If you can take it to your GP, please let me know and I can email you the pathway and a letter to go with it to make it easier! Please just let me know when you’ve done it!

23. Play 40 different sports – this one has been abandoned!

25. Have a party for at least 40 people – this is taking place in January

26. Get 40 people born on the same day (January 25th) to send me a 40th birthday card!!! This one is proving really difficult, so if you can help or can persuade facebook or other friends to help, please do!! I think I’ve only got about 8 lined up so far!!

27. Get 40 famous people to tweet/retweet about my challenge. This is proving tricky! 27 retweets achieved, but I still need another 13 so if you can help with people who haven’t already retweeted (see my 40 Challenges B440 page), I would be ever so grateful. Just tweet them with my blog page and ask them to retweet! 

29. Look after a dog for 40 hours Not sure I’ll be doing this one now!

31. Stay awake for 40 hours – Abandoned as Nick doesn’t want me ill!

37. Drive 40 different cars – Abandoned due to lack of time

43.String a necklace with 40 beads/ stones.

45. Ride for 40 minutes on a horse

50. Get 40 people to sign up to the Myeloma UK sponsored events


If you would like to sponsor me with my #40ChallengesB440, to support Myeloma UK and help make myeloma history, please either

go to


text ‘DEBG99 £X’ to 70070

e.g ‘DEBG99 £40′ if you want to donate £40