Post 29: The Height of Laziness….all in the name of charity!

I thought that whilst stuck in bed, trying to complete Challenge 32 (staying in bed for 40 hours) it would be a great opportunity to write another blog post….I might even try another one later on so I’m happy for some ideas of what to cover off…it’s amazing how hard it is to come up with ideas when you haven’t really got anything to say!

So I’m currently lying on my bed writing this having just finished Challenge 44 (to play 40 consecutive games of cards). I have to say that the nice thing about that challenge was that the kids came and played a variety of card games with me…UNO, rummy, Slam and Monkey face (known as s*it head to some!). IMG_3341In a year where I’ve been working and focusing on the challenges, it has been nice to have a chance to take a breath and spend some proper quality time with them. We’ve definitely done lots more of that since my diagnosis but if I’m honest, I’ve let the challenges take over a bit more than I would have liked in the last couple of months. So I’m also using this opportunity to get back on track again, following up the card extravaganza with some good bedtime reading! I think if I read the book to the kids it will also count as one of my 40 books but without me ignoring them to read it :-)

I started this task at 7pm last night, and will finish it at 11am tomorrow morning. If I’m honest, this means that it hasn’t been the most difficult task in the world. Last night felt like an early night, today felt like a bit of a luxury, and hopefully when IIMG_3346 finally get up tomorrow, it will just feel like a lie-in. I’ve been so lucky that I could choose a time when Nick could help, bring food and drink to me etc without it massively impacting him. But it has made me feel very grateful for the mobility that I have at the moment. There are some people with myeloma, and obviously with many other conditions, who are bed-ridden. For whom their time in bed is an unwelcome part of their life, but yet they have no choice. Even these 40 hours have made me realise the impact that this must also have on carers and family members. Nick and I have laughed about the little bell that I have rung when I need him, but if it was every day, I’m not sure he would be laughing so much or that I would relish the idea of ringing it.

Anyway, that’s all for now…time to go and read the kids a story :-)

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