Post 26 – No news is good news

Well it’s been a while since I last posted and as usual that’s a good thing….no news generally is good news when it comes to me and this is no exception. Instead, the hustle and bustle of the summer holidays has kept me well and truly busy and away from my blog even if it didn’t keep me away from Facebook!

The summer began with an amazingly lovely few days camping with 3 other mums from school and 12 children! Sounds appalling…..but was actually so lovely! We had amazing weather with blue skies every day, the company was chilled out, fun and a good laugh, and the kids were brilliantly behaved. I have put off camping for so many years so this was a ‘taster’ session..the first time I’ve been since I was at guide camps! And given the success it was, I think we now need to invest in a nice tent….so if anyone has a nice big one they want to sell that is easy to put up, let me know! I’m a converted camper (well, so long as the sun is shining and the drinks are flowing!)


The next couple of weeks absolutely flew by and before we knew it, we were hopping onto the Eurotunnel to France for our family holiday down by the Swiss border. Again, we decided on a first. We went to a Eurocamp equivalent and despite the weather being remarkably average, had a really lovely 12 days. The children made some lovely friends and we did some great things. Walking, pedalos, waterfalls, swimming and archery just to name a few things. Sam turned 8 while we were there and we even got to do the Go Ape equivalent (if you want to see a woman nearly in need of a nappy….). Funnily we were there with one of my old school friends, purely by chance. Same week, same resort and same accommodation type! You couldn’t have planned it if you’d tried!


So then back home in time for school the following day and now we are back into everyday life!

We actually tried to go to the Oxford Myeloma Infoday on Saturday. I haven’t been for 2 years, and Nick hasn’t been to one for probably 4 years now! He decided that he wanted a bit of an update on where treatments are heading. Whilst we hope it won’t be relevant to us for some time, you never know and things seem so positive at the moment, we wanted to hear about it from the experts. Unfortunately for us it didn’t work out quite how we had hoped. To start with, one of my old consultants was talking… for whom I have no time whatsoever. The one question I asked, he didn’t answer….but that was par for the course and why I moved to the Marsden in the first place. It made me realise that we were 100% right to move there from Wycombe!

We’d just got past his session and had the break when I got a call from our friends to say that Sam was in A&E after a small accident where he’d cut his head open! So off we went, missing our lunch and more importantly the sessions we’d really wanted to attend in the afternoon….but as any parent knows, we couldn’t have not been with Sam…he definitely needed TLC and a bit of chocolate! It’s a shame as I would well and truly recommend these days to patients, families and friends who have a vested interest in finding out more about the treatment and future of myeloma but I’m sure we’ll get to one another year.

So, what else? Well not that much really. I’ve spotted a potential job to consider in High Wycombe….a bit scary to go back into the fundraising arena after my last experience, but I really want to get back to work. I go spare at home, and need to keep my mind working, and the money coming in! And whilst I can keep busy till these challenges are finished, I will definitely need something to do by January if not before then! I’m not sure that I’m qualified enough but you never know and it’s worth a try.

In the meantime, it’s a case of continuing with my challenges. I’ve completed 21 now so am over half way. But there are lots left to do so if anyone can help then please let me know! I’m still looking for raffle prizes, businesses to donate £40, people to take on Myeloma UK challenges, and signatures and retweets from celebrities just to name a few! You can see where I am with all of the challenges at 

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