Post 23 – Challenge Update

Well, I am now nearly half way through my challenges – need to do one more and I’ll have reached the ’20 challenges’ mark. So I thought it was time for an update on the challenges that I’ve achieved so far, and to say thank you to those people that have helped me on them. Challenge 6 – Do a Pub Crawl around 40 pubs in 40 hours

So this one is being completed this weekend….and I’d love as many people to join us, even if only at one pub to say hello! We’re starting in West Wycombe on Friday and doing hopefully 16 pubs then, followed by 24 pubs in London on Saturday. The aim is that the group will be wearing something orange and raising awareness of Myeloma UK, and hopefully getting donations along the way. I’m slightly concerned that we’ll get less donations than I end up having to spend on drinks but hopefully I’ll get proven wrong there! We are writing to all the pubs to see if they’d donate a drink or two, or get involved in the Business Challenge (getting 40 businesses to donate at least £40) but to date haven’t heard back from most of them. If you would like to join us, keep an eye on my twitter and Facebook as we’ll keep this updated so you can see how we’re doing time wise each day! And if you don’t have those, you can see my twitter feed here on my blog too!

PART ONE: West Wycombe/ High Wycombe Pub Crawl: Friday 1st August

6.30pm The Swan, West Wycombe

6.50pm The Plough

7.10pm The George and Dragon Hotel, West Wycombe

7.30pm DRIVE INTO TOWN (Anyone fancy driving us in?)

7.45pm William Robert Loosley

8.05pm The Bell

8.20pm Yates

8.40pm Butlers

9pm The Antelope

9.20pm O’Neils

9.40pm The Snug Bar

10pm The Falcon

10.20pm Hobgoblin

10.40pm Scorpios Bar

11pm The Sausage Tree

11.20pm The Belle Vue

11.40pm The Bootlegger


PART 2: LONDON Saturday 2nd August

To see oIMG_2354ur pub crawl round London, please click on this link. We may still change it, so perhaps check it on Friday evening before you leave! And if you would like one of our special hats, please give me a shout. They cost £3 each or you can have a Myeloma UK cap for £5 and I’m happy to bring them with me to each crawl.


We’ll be starting at around 10.30am at Marylebone and finishing up there in the evening too! I’ll be tweeting around the pub-crawl so you can follow me at @debgascoyne, via Facebook, or on here as my twitter feed is on the homepage.


Challenge 14 – Try 40 different types of fruit I’m going to start with the latest one that I did….Challenge 14 – to try 40 different types of fruit. And I’m starting with this one as I had a great time doing it and also have LOADS of photos that are really vibrant! I was so lucky that Matt & Nige from Entremettier kindly agreed to providing the fruit for this challenge. What a lovely couple of guys (and I’d thoroughly recommend you using these guys if you need suppliers of fruit)! Not only did they agree to find 40 different fruits for me, but Matt also arranged for a chef friend of his at the Brooklands Hotel in Weybridge to agree to showing us how the fruits could be eaten! As you can see from the photos it was definitely a fruit extravaganza and I am so grateful to Luke and Matt for giving up the time to make this happen.


40 Fruits!
Baby pineapple
Sucking lemons!
Red cherries
Kumquat syrup

Challenge 35 – Visit a zoo and see 40 different animals

This was a great challenge as for once it was something that allowed me to spend a quality day with my lovely family rather than being taken away from them. We went off to Whipsnade and spent a day walking round making sure that we visited 4 animals on our route! I love the fact that now the children are a bit older that we can do things like this without the moans of being tired etc….it was a great day out and we need to do more of them. Next stop Harry Potter’s studio’s thanks to a really kind friend of mine who saw it on my ‘List for Living’ and has bought us a ticket! We’re just trying to get the kids up to speed with the books and films before we go!





Remaining Challenges:

So I have done 19 challenges…hopefully 20 by the weekend. I am just about on track. But I’m going to need LOTS of help to get to the end so please, please think if you can help on those that are still left below. Those in bold are the ones where I need you!

Challenge 1. Find 40 myeloma patients and friends to do one challenge each in aid of Myeloma UK- (8 out of 40 currently signed up). (possibly to raise £4,000 between them all?) This doesn’t have to be a difficult challenge. It could be one of my challenges below that you do yourself, something you’ve needed the incentive to try to achieve or just some kind of fun fundraiser. And maybe you could get a group of you together!

Challenge 4. Read 40 books – (12 out of 40 read already)

Challenge 5. Run 40km in 4 days.

Challenge 7. Eat 40 brussel sprouts in 4 minutes

Challenge 9. Tell 40 people about myeloma who don’t know what it is. (22 out of 40 people told) (I’m looking for groups where I can go and spend 5-15 minutes telling at least 15 people what myeloma is)

Challenge 11. Persuade 40 businesses to donate a minimum of £40 each – (16 out of 40 companies already donated- see Companies Supporting 40 Challenges B440)

Challenge 13. Do 40 lots of 20 second planks in one day (or the equivalent)!

Challenge 15. Iron 40 items of clothing in 40 minutes

Challenge 16. Try 40 different bottles of wine (ideally I’ll have a cheese and wine evening to do most of this! Could do with anyone with links to cheese or wine distributors!)

Challenge 17. Buy a complete outfit for £40

Challenge 18. Swim 40 lengths

Challenge 19. Write 40 entries into my blog – This is post 23 out of 4010571132_10152278403576693_1051133601_o

Challenge 21. Get people to knit 40 Myeloma Buddies . (Currently have 12 out of 40 promised)

Challenge 22. Get the revised Myeloma Diagnosis Pathway taken to 40 different GP’s/ health professionals. (Currently at 17 out of 40) – all you have to do is take in a letter and the pathway to your GP or GP’s in your area…and then let me know! Easy…..and free!

Challenge 23. Play 40 different sports (looking for contacts to help with this?). (Currently at 7 out of 40!)

Challenge 25. Have a party for at least 40 people.

Challenge 26. Get 40 people born on the same day (January 25th) to send me a 40th birthday card!!! If you know anyone born on the 25th January, please ask them if they would help!

Challenge 27. Get 40 famous people to tweet about my challenge. (20 out of 40 achieved) If you know of anyone, or have friends who do, please ask!

Challenge 29. Look after a dog for 40 hours

Challenge 31. Stay awake for 40 hours

Challenge 32. Stay in bed for 40 hours

Challenge 36. Make and sell 40 greetings cards – think I already have help with this one :-)

Challenge 37. Drive 40 different cars. Ideally it would be good to get this done in one go on a track…..can anyone help to set this up?

Challenge 39. Get 40 signatures from Famous People (20 out of 40 achieved) If anyone can help it would be great. I only need a signature but anything that comes in a book/ on an item etc will get auctioned off near the end.

Challenge 42.  Try 40 different types of cheeses (again, any deli contacts for me?)

Challenge 43.String a necklace with 40 beads/ stones.

Challenge 44. Play 40 consecutive games of cards

Challenge 45. Ride for 40 minutes on a horse

Challenge 48. Get 40 prizes for a raffle (if possible non-location specific please) (Achieved 24 out of 40). Tickets for this are now on sale. Please let me know if you would like some. They are £1 each or books of 5 are £5.

Challenge 50. Get 40 people to sign up to the Myeloma UK sponsored events (13 out of 40 achieved)


If you would like to sponsor me with my #40ChallengesB440, please either

go to


text ‘DEBG99 £X’ to 70070

e.g ‘DEBG99 £40′ if you want to donate £40