POST #2 – Going to Hershey

Deeper into reality now. Wednesday 9/9, we drove to my mother’s home in Lancaster County PA, the town of Ephrata, to be exact (though northern New Jersey remains to actually be “home” for my family, we left northern NJ in the early 1980s..parents moved to PA). Mother’s home will be “my place” for the near future when I’m an outpatient at Penn State Hershey Medical Center (HMC), as it’s only a 30 minute back-road drive to Hershey, a closer drive than from the Allentown area where I live.

So, a dreary drive in drizzling rain to Hershey early Thursday 9/10. My sister Sandra is now my driver & caretaker..and will stay with me 24/7 as we’ll reside at a wonderful place called “Hope Lodge“, owned and run by The American Cancer Society. Hope Lodge is a comfortable and homey motel type residence only 1 block from HMC. A preferred location over my mother’s home because of it’s proximity to HMC, in case I would develop a fever or other complication at night in the next 2 days. Works for me.

Hope Lodge is no cost to patient/family members, however one must reside a certain distance away to qualify to stay there, providing they have available space. I believe there are a dozen or more rooms at least. It is much nicer than a hotel because it is designed for the cancer patient and family experiencing what it is we will experience.  A Hilton, shall we say, is not.  I am pleased to be able to stay there for 2 nights.