Post 17 – Challenge 1 updated!!!

A week or so ago I changed Challenge 1 slightly. The idea of all of these challenges is to raise awareness as well as to raise money. It has slowly dawned on me that only asking myeloma patients to get involved, whilst possible, wasn’t necessarily achieving as much as I could be achieving. By opening up this challenge to anyone who would like to support the 40B440 Challenge, it will hopefully mean that friends and family will get involved and ensure that we make even more people aware of what myeloma is….people whose friends have perhaps never heard of this cancer before.

Today made me realise that I had made the right decision and also showed me how 40B440 has impacted people. Nicki contacted Imageme via the Facebook page to say that they were friends with one of my myeloma friends….and that the 40 Challenges has inspired them to get involved….they are going to do the 3 Peaks in 24 hours to raise money for Myeloma UK and the 40 Challenges. So they are now added to my list and we have reached a total of 7 people for this challenge. If you would like to support her, please take a look at her just giving site at In time, I hope you will be able to see lots of the people involved by going to…and hopefully I can add some of your names to the list too! We’ve already had people on ebay, and a beautiful quilt of many colours that has raised over £400!

It has made me reflect a little bit. Someone said to me recently that they hadn’t got involved in charity work since they were in their 20′s. That seems to be quite common and to be fair, until my diagnosis, nor had I really. We gave a few pounds here and there and sponsored people as and when they asked, but in terms of being proactive, I hadn’t done anything since I did a skydive for MIND when I was just out of Uni. I think that is pretty normal…life takes over and I don’t think anyone should feel that it is an issue…it’s just normal. But that said, it doesn’t mean that people can’t get more involved when the opportunity arises. So if any of you are those people….why not get involved now. It can be anything at all….a skydive, selling some things on ebay, holding a cake sale….absolutely anything! Whether it is £40 or £400, every penny is important. And to be totally honest, whilst of COURSE I would like you to do it for Myeloma UK, 40 Challenges B4 40, and Challenge No1, if you chose to do it for someone else, that is great too! Because the feeling you get for raising money for something that is important to you is amazing. And there really are many superb causes out there…

In the meantime, I am going to keep smiling that I have inspired someone else to get involved… is totally what this whole year is about! Nicki has got it….and I’m hoping that another 33 people will join us :-)

Finally, I will be doing part of Challenge 10 (to make (or have donated) 40 cakes) and Challenge 34 (to make 40 cups of tea) on Sunday 8th June. So if you fancy popping in to say hello, we’ll be at West Wycombe Village Hall at the tabletop sale from 1pm till 5pm :-) We hope there’ll be some nice stalls, and definitely some chocolate brownie and a carrot cake or two to enjoy!


If you would like to sponsor me with my #40ChallengesB440, please either

go to


text ‘DEBG99 £X’ to 70070

e.g ‘DEBG99 £40′ if you want to donate £40