Possible progress

Hi, sitting here at nearly 4 in the morning, unable to sleep because of a cold, which makes me cough every time I lie down. Have just done my Trades Council minutes and agenda and am contemplating doing the ironing!

I am just coming up to the end of round two of the Revlimid. My consultant was away last appointment, but the registrar said that the light chains (my particular measure) had dropped which is good news, although it’s early days yet.

Currently I feel horrible, what with steroid withdrawal, a bad cold/cough and precautionary antibiotics (which always make me feel bad). Just a case of riding it out, but a bit depressing. I haven’t had a cold for so long I’ve forgotten what it’s like! Felt a fraud going into the hospital yesterday to check things out, but my temp was up, not quite to the dreaded 38, but enough to worry me, as my temp is usually a bit on the low side. Typically it had dropped by the time I got the obs done, although then rose again when I got home!! Better safe than sorry though.

Well, not much other news, and maybe I shall try my bed again! Take care everyone!