This is a region of France that a colleague of mine spoke about having a wine with a unique flavour of the region. The Pomerol wine is very expensive but I just had to try a glass so we stopped at a local restaurant and I treated myself at a cost of 10 euro/glass. We decided not to stay there for lunch as it would of cost us far too much and way over our 25euro/day allowance. The wine was very earthy and I’m no wine connoisseur but it was very palatable. A little further down the road we came across a Maison des Vines so we bought a few bottles, one for my brother and his partner as they seem to know more about fine wine so we thought they would probably appreciate it.
Here is the very glass and a photo of the vines that produce the Pomerol wine.
We are now sitting in a free Aire somewhere near to Limoges. It’s right next to a church that chimes every half hour so goodness knows if we will be able to sleep through it as it literally sounds like its in the motorhome!
Deborah x