Pomalyst cycle 2 – GOOD

Just completed 2nd cycle of Pomalyst 2mg and weekly dexa 20mg. And the result is good! M-band came down after 2 cycles from 5.2g/L to 3.7g/L. The doctor is pleased, so are we.
16 Apr 5.2g/L
24 Jun 4.8g/L
5 Aug 3.7g/L
The full blood count numbers are all within normal range. I don’t feel excessively tired and fatigued which I get with Revlimid. With Revlimid, my wbc and neutrophils were affected. 
I feel sleepy quite early in the night for the 3 weeks but get to enjoy the rest week with reasonable energy level. On the whole there has been many positives with Pomalyst. I think starting at this low dose of 2mg is just right for me. The Dr is prepared to reduce dexa to 12mg…. I am very happy, my dear husband is more than happy. 20mg of dexa gives me two to three days of denseness in my head, hearing is also affected, heaviness in chest, blurry eyes… all the unpleasantness of dexa. Likely that with 12 mg, the effects could be minimised.
While I am glad for the good result, I know that as more cycles are added on, my body may feel differently. (Keep praying for good outcomes and call on GOD’s grace – “my grace is sufficient for you, my strength is made perfect in your weakness” I don’t deserve such goodness but as earthly fathers would want to do good and give their best to their children, I seek grace from our Heavenly Father).  Really we don’t have to think too far ahead, just be very thankful that I have a good response at present.  
Last Bible Study session was on the study of Psalm 23 and my reflections after 6 years of mm is this:
– the LORD, He is my Shepherd. He has watched over me. He is still watching over me.
– He leads me beside quiet waters. He gives me peace. Shalom
– He restores my soul, He gives healing.
– I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, He is with me. I don’t have to fear
– Surely goodness and mercy (love) will follow me all the days of my life. 
This last assurance of goodness coming after (chasing) me is indeed true. In the 6 years I have the blessing of seeing our two children happily married and most wonderfully blessed with 3 grandsons – 4 and 2 years and a 3 month old baby! I have been able to resume “new normal” activities which bring much joy. This is true goodness and mercy following me and I look to Psalm 23 for it to follow me the remaining days of my life – however long or short.