Pomalidomide Prescribed!

We don’t understand how it can be true… but today we went to the hospital and the Consultant  prescribed Pomalidomide for FL, despite a recent SMC ruling that it was not a recommended drug for prescription by NHS Scotland.
FL was startled.  He had assumed that he was going to receive some kind words and be sent home to fend for himself.  He blinked and grinned at the Consultant.
I could see him considering asking the obvious question about the cost of the drug and how they could possibly be allowing him to have it, but he just laughed and said he thought it had just been for 3 months…?
No, not at all.  As long as it is working, he can continue to take it… but at the first sign of his Myeloma number rising, it will be stopped.

So… bring on the dancing girls!  Pom pom pomalidomide cheerleaders cartwheeling across the fields, please!

I need a drink.

P.S. That poppy appeared from nowhere in among the weeds at the edge of the field.
It was a sign!