PMH was so quiet on a Saturday

We were at Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) at 9 am today.  Traffic was wonderful.  Weather was very cold and wet.  The hospital was a ghost town compared to Monday to Friday traffic.  Scary quiet.  Even the nurses spoke quietly to each patient in the chemo room.  Tony needed assistance getting to the chemo unit. He’s still weak.  He’s still coughing.  Antibiotics will take 2-3 days to feel some relief from his pneumonia.
We are both exhausted from a heavy week. He goes to the bathroom very frequently.  On the hour every hour.  Disrupted sleep for days now.  My mom was admitted to hospital on Wednesday, so life has been challenging between Tony and my mom.  I am very grateful for a wonderful brother and his caring wife helping out every day with my mom while I dealt with Tony.  My sons have stepped up to the plate with the family business.  So, my stress, although it has been a crazy week, I’ve had this calmness about me.  I keep reminding myself to live for today and plan for today.  Tomorrow is another day.  One day at a time.
Someone told me recently that if you could get several people in a room and  put our worries and problems in a luggage in the middle, we would probably each take back our own luggage….makes you really think about that one.
I had a chance to finally visit my mom today while Tony stayed in his mom’s care.  Another wonderful woman.  Now, after a very long week, we are home resting.  We will be back to hospital bright and early Monday morning to check his blood levels. He will begin his neupogen injections for 4 days.  This will prep him for harvesting his stem cells the following week. He can do this!!!!  We need LOTS of stem cells in him in order to harvest.
Another early to bed night.