Plugging Along, Have Tried To Enjoy ‘Off Week’

Got sort ‘both ends’ sick toward end of last week and stayed near bed and bathroom mostly. Considered it a rapid weight loss program, ha ha, after they clicked my heifer ass in at 199 a week from Friday ago. I had been 191 just 3 days before that, so it was obviously bloat and constipation. Well I feel pretty cleaned out and back near the 180 mark again. I am cutting back big time on eating, which means I barely am at all. I just don’t think all this weight is giving me a good quality of life and I am determined to get it off.

Note to Dr. Anderson:

Dr. Anderson,

Regarding the cycle starting Aug 3rd, I would very much like to skip the steroid altogether. I am gaining way too much weight, am bloated and miserable and would hope the Velcade and Cytoxan could be effective enough to fight the cancer.

Just this next round, and see what happens? The quality of life is just greatly diminished with all this weight and bloat on me!!

Also, my fingernails seem to have deadened some, about mid- way in the bed to the tip, but are still attached ( so far). Is this a Cytoxan side effect? Is there anything I can or should do about it?

We can discuss Tuesday.

In general, with Greg gone, I have kept busy with things around the house like putting things on eBay and Amazon and reading and watching movies. The roommates have been around in the evenings, but they leave for Atlanta on Thursday, straight from work. I don’t pick Greg up at the airport until Saturday afternoon, but I should be fine on my own, I spend my days alone and manage. I have people I can call if anything big comes up and I need help.

Not a lot of input or checking on me by family lately. I had a good catching up conversation with Sister Kendra and several short checking in type of calls from Sister Kathy. I got a handwritten ( old fashioned!) letter from my Aunt Sharon that I plan to try & reciprocate.

I’ve taken an oxycodene for restless legs and cramping and an Ambien to sleep, and here I am, wide awake at almost 1 am. Ah well, I have a good book I can get back into for a bit.