Plantar fascitis

When I got out of bed on Friday morning, I felt a sharp pain under my right foot, near the heel. Oooh, that hurt! It got slightly better as I hobbled downstairs and into the kitchen to feed the cats and make myself a cappuccino. The more I hobbled/walked, the less the bottom of my heel seemed to hurt.

By mid morning I seemed to be okay and so, as planned, I took the bus into the center of Florence where I had lunch with some relatives, took them around Florence, and showed them the sights…I’ve always enjoyed seeing my beautiful Florence through the eyes of people who don’t live here. It’s always lots of fun.

But boyohboy, did we walk. We walked, and walked, and WALKED!!! All over the place. My heel didn’t bother me that much, although the pain would return occasionally, making me limp just a bit. The relatives didn’t notice, so the limp wasn’t that obvious, I guess.

I got home just before dinner and told Stefano about it, but my slight heel pain really paled in comparison to the discomfort he’s still in, poor sweetie.

On Saturday morning, I couldn’t stand up. The pain under my right foot was almost unbearable. Mainly, though, I had no idea what was causing it, and that was unsettling…

Anyway, long story short. Diagnosis: plantar fascitis.

If I could go back in time, I’d change a bunch of things (hah!, wouldn’t we all???  😉 ). One of them would certainly be my fixation with wearing flip flops. I wear them in the house, summer and winter (with socks, in winter). I mean, I wear them A LOT. Way too much, evidently…How stupid I’ve been.

Flip flops are okay for the beach, but they are flat and flimsy (although mine aren’t as flimsy as most) and most of all, they don’t offer any arch or heel support. It’s okay to use them for a short while (on the beach, e.g.), but that is IT.

If, like me, you love wearing flip flops, please be careful…You don’t want to get this thing…

Anyway, I’ve already ordered special shoe inserts and special socks. And while I’m in the annoying pain phase (although today the pain has lessened a lot), I’ll be icing the bottom of my heel and rubbing an arnica-based ointment on it…And keeping my foot at a 90-angle degree as much as possible. After this painful phase is over, there are exercises I can do…

So…no big deal. Or, should I say, no big heel. 😉