Plans for This Week

Since I am returning home to Frisco next Wednesday, this week will constitute my last relatively alone days in Houston at this apartment. I have a friend who lives close by that I’ll be visiting one last time on Wednesday and Thursday. And, of course, I will go into the clinic on Tuesday and Friday. Kirk flies into Houston on Thursday. That way we can drive back to together in one car next Wednesday.

Today is the only day I haven’t something specific to do, but there is still plenty to accomplish in the way of housekeeping, reading for my Fall class and finishing paperwork for various things.

Jacob and his dad have made it as far home from the Grand Canyon as Amarillo. They’ll be home in Frisco today. They had a great trip down to the Canyon floor and back in three days. It was hard work, but worth it according to the last report I’d heard from them. They made a stop on the way to Amarillo, I hear, to look at Meteor Crater.

When he’s been here, Kirk has slowly been taking things from the apartment back home. So there may be only clothes and remaining food to pack over the weekend. That will make it easier to load up the car and get on home once I’m officially released on Tuesday the 21st.

Can’t wait to be home with my family and my dog and cat. Even it it is over 100 degrees these days in Frisco, at least it’s dry heat.

As for me, I feel good these days. My only complaint is that I’ve had migraines at night these past two nights. Even that feels like my system is trying to return to normal, as hormones are usually to blame for those headaches. Otherwise my appetite, energy and general health have been very good. It is a very hot moldy situation outdoors these past few days in Houston, so I’m going to see if staying indoors today helps any with ending the migraine cycle. There is a lot of grass being cut today…in preparation, I suppose, for the rains that are headed this way tomorrow. Grass and a barometer shift have the ability to give me quite the headache as well.