Pity Party

As a veteran who’s experienced profound loss in my efforts to defend American principals through war, I feel I have a vested interest in my nation and it’s adherence to the principals we fought for. That doesn’t mean my opinions are better than anyone else’s, it means that when the nation appears to have veered or even swayed from those principals I was fighting to defend and seed, I tend to take it perhaps more personally. To coin a phrase, I have skin in the game.

In that regard, this election is particularly disturbing to me. That feeling has nothing to do with one party or another, I’m just talking about how I don’t feel that this election is doing anything to further the national ideals as I see them. My objection is to both parties because I believe, and firmly so, that we have lost the government designed by the Constitutional framers by virtue of a loss of moderation and objectivity. We have come to the point where I don’t believe that any candidate for office is very different from any other within their party. Individuality has been lost to party agenda on both sides to such a degree that literally anyone who can read would be equally effective. There is no such thing anymore as politicians who think with any independence. Instead they all merely regurgitate the party line of the liberal or conservative agenda.

I see elements from both party agendas which I support. Yet at the same time I see elements of those party agendas which I find disturbing and in some cases inexcusably reprehensible. That leaves me, as a voter, unable to vote for the most qualified candidate and instead forced into voting for the least disgusting. This nation was designed to have a two party system so that a balance of ideas from the two primary perspectives would reign and thus make our government representative of the majority of the people. Further, it was designed so that no religion (or lack of one) could force any citizen to live within the mandates of any given faith. These two ideas were the foundation which made government subservient to its citizens and underscored the position of political aspirants as public servants.

I believe that with the emergence of unbending partisan agenda that we have lost the most important facet of government that made it truly responsible to the will of the people. Atop it all, topics of all stripe have been politicized –and within a climate of fear, casting aside objectivity and causing the government to become more and more intrusive while being less and less responsive. No party is more or less guilty, the responsibility is shared by not only republicans and democrats, but by the people as well. No one is doing their jobs properly in my perspective. What I am seeing in my government, the uninformed behavior of closed mindedness is shared equally between politics and the people governed by it. As such, I’m dismayed.

I don’t know that this nation has been so divided as it is now. It is almost impossible to have an objective discussion about politics –so much emotion is attached to so many of the topics. It’s almost as though it would be wise to divide the nation into two parts; separate but friendly nations. It’s a lot easier to tolerate issues we might find reprehensible if they were the status quo in a nation other than our own. But that’s really not an option and wholly unrealistic. The fact is that this election is going to determine the course of our country in ways it never has before. This time, we are thrust into a choice between the far poles of conservative versus liberal. The conservative side representing libertarian leanings and the liberals a more socialistic bent. I don’t think you can get two political sides any farther apart or any less willing to compromise. Bi-partisanship is as dead as the dinosaurs.

No matter who wins the election, it’s going to make me sad. I guess that takes me from the republican or democratic parties and plunks me into the pity party.