physiotherapy helps

Yesterday I went for physiotherapy after a long break of almost a year. It was definitely good to have the joints at my back loosened up. I forgot how good physiotherapy had been for me. With a experienced therapist, the stretching and loosening certainly help to straighten me up.

A week ago I dropped “something” and my immediate reaction was to catch hold of it before it landed on the floor. For mm-ers with bad backs, catching hold of anything or anyone is not recommended, as it may injure the back further. I think this could have jarred my back though at that point in time I did not feel any pain or ache. I noted that subsequently when I had to sit for a prolonged 2 – 3 hours, I started to ache at my back. Therefore the need to seek help from my physiotherapist. It was the right decision.

The assessment from my therapist was actually quite positive. She noted that I look well! She added that the curvature at my back has improved and I am not as curved as before. Again, this is good. Though some of the joints are quite stiff, they easily loosened as she stretched and pressed on them. Even the tight muscle at the front, centre of the ribs was un-knotted. Some exercises were recommended to further facilitate self stretching. Every time I finished a physiotherapy session, I sense I walk straighter and taller and with the rib joints loosened, ribcage expands and breathing is made easier.

So, I shall go back again in three weeks time.  Physiotherapy may be of help to those with stiff and painful backs.