Photo Friday

Thank you for your kind comments on yesterday’s post. Co-incidentally a facebook friend shared a “43 lessons of life written by a 90 year old” post yesterday and one of the points was that only you can make yourself happy, which  I guess means I’m not responsible for having to make anyone else happy, that concept might take a while to sink in, but I’ll try and remember it. 

Any way, I’ve decided to try a new idea of putting a happy photo on every Friday. I’m not an expert at getting the focus perfect, my eyesight has reached that stage where I need glasses to read and a different pair to see distances and the fine area in between is illusive, so trying to see what is on the little screen on the camera is a real challenge. Most of the time it won’t matter as I’m sure you will still get the idea. 

This week I have two photos that make me feel happy. First there is the amaryllis that my eldest daughter bought me for Christmas and which started flowering about a week ago, with  at least another four flowers still in bud.

The second one is of the willow by my pond in the garden. The pussy willow makes me happy for quite a lot of reasons. It reminds me of walking to the pub with my granddad when I was around seven years of age, as we passed large areas where the willow was used as a natural hedge. It’s a very early reminder that the darkest days of Winter are over and that Spring is making its way to us. 

The willow that grows in my garden was actually part of a beautiful bouquet given to me by a florist that I helped during Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day in 2008. The pussy willow in the arrangement took root in the water and so I planted it in the garden. A permanent reminder of someone’s kindness.